Smart homes and smart appliances are the new fashion household trend

In this day and age, you can almost do anything with just a tap of your fingers. From online banking to online shopping, there is very little we can’t control out of our smartphones.Even home appliances, such as kettles, coffee machines and vacuum cleaner, have gone smart. No longer is physical human interaction needed – […]

Introduction to medical artificial intelligence

A lot of us are wondering how our fields could possibly be impacted by this societal shift.Artificial intelligence in medicine and healthcare has been a particularly hot topic in the past few years. Even though there is a sense of great potential from the use of AI in medicine, in addition, there are concerns around […]

We may have misunderstood the beautiful evolution

The opinion nowadays is that ornaments such as the peacock’s magnificent train, the splendid plumes of birds of heaven, bowerbirds’ love nests, deer antlers, fins on guppies and virtually what to do with the mandarin goby are signs of male quality.In such species, females choose males with characteristics that indicate resistance to parasites (shapes go […]

Use high-quality simulations to train and test artificial intelligence for business applications

The relationship between simulation and artificial intelligence is increasingly close, particularly for deep reinforcement learning. The AnyLogic Company CEO, Dr. Andrei Borshchev, explores this trend in Using Simulation to Train and Evaluation Artificial Intelligence for Business Applications, a demonstration given in the GE EDGE & Controls Symposium 2019 in Niskayuna, NY.Below is the movie recording […]

AI Applications: Top World Artificial Intelligence Applications

Only the mention of AI and the mind invokes images of Terminator machines destroying the entire world. Luckily, the current picture is significantly more positive. So, let us investigate how AI is helping our planet and at last benefiting humanity. Inside this site on Artificial Intelligence software, I’ll be discussing how AI has influenced various […]

OmniTact: A Multi-Directional High-Resolution Touch Sensor review

Touch has been shown to be important for dexterous manipulation in robotics. Lately, the GelSight detector has captured significant interest in learning-based robotics because of the low price and wealthy sign. The reason why learning-based systems work well with GelSight detectors is that they output high-resolution tactile images from which many different features such as […]

Chinese technology products are already showing advantages

“Made in China” demonstrates its technological superiority in the epidemic. The world is using new technologies to combat new coronaviruses, such as digital development, artificial intelligence, and big data … In this field, China is undoubtedly a model. This country can use faster speed to promote the development of future technology projects such as artificial […]