Friday the 13th: The Game reviews round-up – rampaging as Jason sounds delicious, even if the bugs don’t

Fans of the Friday the 13th movies, pay attention: a video game has arrived that lets you play as Jason.

Friday the 13th: The Game (see what they did?) was released a few days ago and sees players take part in an asymmetric game of cat and mouse, just like the films. One player assumes the part of Jason, whilst all the others play the part of student counsellors desperate to escape the summer camp and a bloody demise.

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Take a look for yourself. It’s not for the squeamish – you have been warned.

As you’d expect, the idea of rampaging around as Jason Voorhees has captured the imagination of players, but the game has experienced a troubled release, with dire server issues and complaints of bugs.

Regardless, it sounds like the game that lies underneath shows promise, so we’ve brought you a collection of the reviews out there so you can make up your own mind.

Rick Lane over at Eurogamer is impressed, in spite of the game’s technical issues, and celebrates how Friday the 13th creates memorable emergent moments.

“Right now it’s capable of brilliance, but is a touch thin and not without its flaws. Still, the fact that I’ve had a good time with it even on half-melted servers demonstrates the strength of its emergent horror. Like the towering killer himself, Friday the 13th has come out of nowhere, and while it isn’t invulnerable, it’s more than capable of stealing your heart.


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PC Gamer’s Tyler Wilde also revels in the theatre of it all, finding himself playing unscripted games with his prey as Jason.

“What’s there now, though, is great fun with the right group. It’s twice the price of Dead by Daylight, but with richer comedic potential and more to do in any given match…. At $40/£30 it definitely isn’t a steal, but for chatty entertainers who enjoy multiplayer storytelling over technical perfection, Friday the 13th can be thrilling, stupid, and hilarious. “

Meanwhile, over at IGN, Daemon Hatfield takes issue with the game’s asymmetry, finding the counsellors a snoozefest compared to axe-wielding Jason.

“So you spend the vast majority of your time as a teenager, which isn’t nearly as satisfying to play… The lucky jerk who gets to be Jason is out there having all the fun while you’re rummaging through desks!”

And over at Metro, there are serious concerns about the game’s viability due to the amount of bugs and errors, but the Friday the 13th itself, it seems, has displayed potential.

“You could argue, perhaps, that the game’s shoddy construction is all in keeping with the films, but the game of Friday The 13th has the potential to be a lot better than the movies ever were.”

Amongst other outlets, the same story can be heard, with variations as to how serious the problems are. Game Zone leads with “I’d rather spend a summer at Camp Crystal Lake than play this game.” Ouch. But we’ll leave Rich Stanton from Kotaku UK till last:

“So few movie licenses have resulted in great games, but Friday the 13th shows how it’s done. It focuses on the feelings that the movies are meant to evoke rather than caring about following a specific plotline: fear, shock, tension, a bit of body horror. Then it recreates them in an interactive context, with all the parts taken by players.

“This game might look from the outside like mere schlock, and in certain respects it surely is, but the feelings above are also immeasurably more powerful in an interactive context.

Dunno about you, but we’re in…

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