Grieving Losses Other Than Death

Thinkstock Grief is the natural reaction to loss in any form — not just death. For many, the word “grief” comes with a big, looming assumption: death. Grieving the death of a loved one is a universally painful and emotional journey, one which has inspired my own grief counseling business as well as my book, […]

A Medical Student’s Perspective On Medicaid

I recently co-authored a study, published in the Surgery edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA Surgery), which compared how differences in Medicaid expansion in three states affected hospital lengths of stay following trauma. We found that the number of days patients with Medicaid insurance stayed in George Washington University Hospital’s trauma […]

How Brain’s ‘Helper Cells’ Could Contribute To Schizophrenia

Problems with the brain’s “helper cells” may contribute to schizophrenia, a new study in mice suggests. The study focused on glial cells, which provide support for the neurons that do the “signaling” within the brain. For instance, glial cells help organize the connections among neurons and produce myelin, which acts as insulation around the brain’s nerve […]

‘Yeah, It’s Chill’ Creator Talks About The Body Hair Comic That Went Viral

The Instagram account Yeah, It’s Chill will make anyone who is ambitious, but a little lazy, feel better about themselves. It’s also a body-positive account that covers everything from the right shade of makeup to dealing with anxiety or sweating, according to its creator, Christine, who describes herself as a 20-something woman living in NYC. […]

Doctor Who Lived To 105 And Studied Longevity Credited His Own To Working

KYODO Kyodo / Reuters Dr. Shigeaki Hinohara, whose work has been credited with helping Japan become a world leader in longevity, died July 18 at his Tokyo home, reported The New York Times. The 105-year-old physician worked until a few months before his death, treating patients, putting in 18-hour days and keeping an appointment book […]