How to set up DIY video monitoring for home or office – subscription free – ExtremeTech

One of the fastest growing sectors in consumer technology is video monitoring. The floodgates opened with the launch of the popular Dropcam, and has kept going with a rash of competitors from both startups and established competitors. However, while most of them let you view the camera feed for free, the ones you hear about […]

Kodak might give back my Kodachrome, or at least let me buy more – ExtremeTech

For those too young to remember the iconic Kodachrome film look that helped launch an era of color photography, it was further immortalized by the Paul Simon song featuring the line, “Mama, don’t take my Kodachrome away.” Unfortunately, Kodak did. When it shut down the network of specialized labs, and stopped selling the chemicals needed […]

Microsoft wants to bring HoloLens to the consumer market once the technology matures – ExtremeTech

When Microsoft first debuted HoloLens two years ago, it wasn’t clear if the company was working on a niche research concept that would find little life outside of tech demos, or if the company intended to push augmented reality as the Next Big Thing in the consumer market. HoloLens’ first release was strictly intended for developers […]

Hands-off the steering wheel with a Delphi-Mobileye autonomous test-drive – ExtremeTech

PITTSBURGH – Delphi and Mobileye are creating a self-driving car that relies more on cameras, less on radar and lidar. In a demonstration drive here, the heavily modified Audi Q5 had no trouble following the road, recognizing traffic lights and stop signs, and interacting safely with cars and pedestrians on the road. And this is […]

Samsung Smart TV update forces users to see ads – ExtremeTech

Once upon a time, goods and services in the United States were exchanged on a straightforward basis: You bought a product, the manufacturer sold a product, and everybody went home happy. Over the last decade we’ve seen companies move away from this model, from so-called ‘freemium’ games to the widespread availability of social media. These […]