Bitcoin Has Avoided Tearing Itself Apart (for Now) – MIT Technology Review

The world’s most popular cryptocurrency has been facing a challenging problem for several years now: it can only be used to make seven transactions per second. If it’s to become a truly useful payment system in the future, that’s nowhere near enough—but moves to fix the fault have caused huge and potentially troubling divides in […]

Ransomware Is a Real Threat, but Don’t Forget the Botnets – MIT Technology Review

Another crippling botnet has struck computers at organizations around the world. It’s massively inconvenient, damaging, expensive for all those affected, and part of an ever-growing trend of holding files hostage. But it’s also by no means the most severe cybersecurity threat that we face right now. Recommended for You First Human Embryos Edited in U.S. […]

Another Price Slash Suggests the Oculus Rift Is Dead in the Water – MIT Technology Review

Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s early enthusiasm for virtual reality, the technology has stubbornly remained a hard sell for Facebook (50 Smartest Companies 2017). Now, in yet another sign that VR is failing to capture the imagination of the public, the company has just cut the price of its Oculus Rift hardware for the second time this […]

Facebook Is Adding Live VR Broadcasts to Your News Feed – MIT Technology Review

Facebook Virtual reality is still far from a mass-market technology, and recent price cuts suggest that Facebook’s Oculus Rift headsets are still not finding their way off store shelves. But the social network remains determined to give more people a taste of VR, even if they don’t have it on their faces. Facebook’s latest effort […]

If You Get Your Face Scanned the Next Time You Fly, Here’s What You Should Know – MIT Technology Review

We’re willing to do a lot to make the airplane boarding process smoother, but privacy experts say we might want to think twice before agreeing to let a camera at the gate scan our faces. Facial-recognition systems may indeed speed up the boarding process, as the airlines rolling them out promise. But the real reason […]

The Tech World Is Convinced 2021 Is Going to Be the Best Year Ever – MIT Technology Review

Ride-hailing startup Lyft announced last week that it’s making its own self-driving car technology—a move that could help it meet an audacious goal of having autonomous vehicles chauffeur most of its passengers around by 2021. It sounds a bit far-fetched, considering that autonomous cars are still largely in the testing stages, but Lyft is just one […]

Facebook Security Chief: Cybersecurity Pros Need More Empathy to Protect Us – MIT Technology Review

Alex Stamos, Facebook’s chief security officer. Facebook was arguably the most important battleground for information warfare in the run-up to the 2016 presidential election, and its chief security officer says cybersecurity professionals need to do more to protect Internet users from bad actors. That will require something that’s too often lacking in the security industry: […]