Outlast 2 Game Guide

This guide contains a detailed and richly illustrated walkthrough for Outlast II which will let you come out alive from all frightening situations. Individual chapters are devoted to notes and recordings that you will be collecting in the course of the game. In such chapters, you can find their exact location as well as the […]

Expeditions: Viking Game Guide

This guide to Expeditions: Viking provides you with a number of useful hints that will help you create the desired character and start your game in the brutal world of Vikings. The game combines elements of tactical strategy with those of classic RPG games and management, which is why we have focused in this guide […]

Endless Space 2 Game Guide

The following game guide to Endless Space 2 contains all of the information required to conquer the galaxy. The game is a classic representative of the 4X type strategy, meaning: exploration, expansion, exploitation and extermination. Here you will find tips concerning the first steps in expanding your civilization and acquiring resources. You will certainly find […]

Dead Cells Game Guide

This unofficial guide to Dead Cells contains the most important advice and hints that are useful while playing the game developed by Motion Twin. Here you will find description of gameplay basics, list of most important aspects and hidden mechanics. Learning these might prove useful during the game. In addition to that, the guide contains […]

Farming Simulator 18 Game Guide

The goal of this Farming Simulator 18 guide is to introduce players to the world of agriculture and breeding. Here, you can learn how to start farming, how to get livestock, how to take care of them and get profit from them but you can also learn what is needed for forestry. We prepared tips […]

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Guide

This guide for the open beta of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game describes the most important feature of the game and helps to understand its rules. The first chapter contains a glossary of terms that the player may come across while playing as well as a handful of general tips. The second chapter explains the […]

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Game Guide

The unofficial guide to Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy contains information helpful in completing all three games that are part of the collection. On the early pages of the guide there is a trophy guide that thoroughly explains how to obtain all trophies in each game. In the trophy descriptions there are pieces of advice […]

Resident Evil VII Game Guide

This Resident Evil VII: Biohazard guide contains a detailed description of how to beat the game. Here, you can find the explanations for all of the puzzles in the game and how to solve them. In this guide you can also learn how to fight the enemies and how to create useful items. There are […]

How to set up DIY video monitoring for home or office – subscription free – ExtremeTech

One of the fastest growing sectors in consumer technology is video monitoring. The floodgates opened with the launch of the popular Dropcam, and has kept going with a rash of competitors from both startups and established competitors. However, while most of them let you view the camera feed for free, the ones you hear about […]