TypeStatus Making Return For IOS 7,Popular Jailbreak Tweak

TypeStatus, introduced to the Cydia store during the iOS 6 jailbreak, is an extremely simple tweak that allows you to see when someone is typing an iMessage to you. Normally, you have to have the Messages app open to see the “user is typing” animation which indicates a reply is being typed by the person […]

IOS 7 Tips &Tricks: Improve Battery Life

Tweet iOS 7 is truly an elegant and beautiful operating system.Some users have experienced a noticeable dip in battery life following an update to the new iOS. After a few days of it’s public existencepeople are continually getting more and more accustomed to the new look and feel. There are a few major culprits that […]

IOS 7 App Feature: Safari

  Last month, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) Apple announced the new and improved iOS 7. The update contains a completely new and redesigned UI which includes many innovative new features. Control Center Multitasking App Store Apple finally introduces full-screen browsing to Safari, a long awaited feature that has been in the App Store […]