Musio takes a new approach to the iOS music player

Tweet Musio ($2.99) takes a new approach to the iOS music player.The head developer of Musio, Anders Klausen was first inspired by the gesture-based interaction seen in Mailbox (now acquired by Dropbox). He quickly realized, that he could improve upon the way we interact with our music in a Mailbox-inspired way: The app introduces a number […]

IOS 7 Tips &Tricks: Improve Battery Life

Tweet iOS 7 is truly an elegant and beautiful operating system.Some users have experienced a noticeable dip in battery life following an update to the new iOS. After a few days of it’s public existencepeople are continually getting more and more accustomed to the new look and feel. There are a few major culprits that […]

Featured App: Dormio

Meet Dormio, your new favorite sleeping partner. With Dormio (free) your iPhone or computer becomes your instant ticket to going to sleep quicker and sleeping more deeply so that you wake up feeling refreshed and alive. Pick a sleep enhancing soundtrack, set the timer, and fall fast asleep to the soothing sounds. No matter where you […]

Featured App: Random Heroes 2

Random Heroes 2 (free) is a retro platformer with Mega Man esque gameplay. The game is a sequel to the original Random Heroes pushed to the app store in August of 2012. RH2 has over 90 levels, 22 weapons and is equipped with more explosions, a unique upgrade system and a fun assortment of characters. […]