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Yesterday, we discussed a problem with EVGA’s GTX 1070 and 1080 cards where at least some GPUs had failed unexpectedly and in fairly high-profile ways. In response, EVGA said it would ship thermal pads to any customer who requested them. The company has made a follow-up announcement to the community in which it discusses the problem and promises a new set of BIOS updates for its GPUs that should bring the cards back into thermal trim, whether you apply the supplemental pads or not.

EVGA will still offer its thermal pads for free to anyone who wants them; interested users can request a set of these pads here. (Scroll to the bottom). EVGA has also stated that any customer who is uncomfortable performing the update themselves may request a warranty cross-shipped product with a new VBIOS. All EVGA cards will also use the new BIOS that ship after 11/1/2016. From the EVGA website:

The EVGA EAR(Advanced RMA Program) and Cross Shipping options are available in the Continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, EU, UK, Norway, and Switzerland. EVGA offers Standard RMA replacement options in the Middle East, Africa, India or outside of the before mentioned supported areas.

In either case, customers who have damaged cards will be taken care of.


While no one likes to see their GPU transform from a $500 to $700 high-end workhorse to burned-out circuitry, EVGA seems to be handling this right. The number of cards that have failed appears to be small, and it many only be an edge-case — but the right way to deal with problems like this is to address them in ways that minimize their chances of happening in the future. EVGA had previously calibrated the sound profile on its ACX 3.0 GPUs to a very low threshold, so the company should have some headroom to increase GPU cooling without turning its cards into Dustbusters.

One last note: EVGA has included a list of hardware that its new VBIOS will apply to, as shown above, but we’ve only heard about ACX 3.0 cards from the 1080 and 1070 families flaming out. While we still recommend that customers with one of the relevant part numbers apply the update, the problem appears limited to just ACX 3.0 hardware. EVGA’s FAQ states that Founders Edition, blower-type cards, Hybrid designs, and its Hydro Copper products are not included.


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