How to choose the best cable?

Buying a good USB cable can be tricky sometimes. We want a cable which is capable of transferring data fast as well as rugged. Searching the market for this kind makes us think more and more if our decision is correct. Most of the cables today offer tough cables. We can see it by their promo video when they experiment it with various way to prove that the cable is strong enough.

Why tough cable?

As a user, we believe that tough cable can make it last longer. When the cable is subjected to sudden pull or been put carelessly inside the bag, with its toughness, we believe it is okay.

what should be the best material for usb cable body

The toughness of the body is not actually the real focus when dealing with the practical life. Yup. We will never use it to pull a car. The factors that usually led to broken cable is the weak connector. This is what cable maker should focus on. Yes, preventing the body from crippling by using strong material is important too but that is not what usually makes the charging cable can’t be used.

What should USB maker focus on the most 

So, I’m just thinking, why don’t cable makers focus more on developing the end connector. Maybe do it like the mac charger which the use magnetic connection. There is one company with their products ASAP connector which is applying this magnetic charge and I find it really helpful.

If magnetic charger won’t do, why not make a magnetic wire segment. The reason why I think this is a good idea is because of the market demand. One type of cable same specs but different length sell really well. Obviously, users want to use a different length for various purpose. By making a cable of this type, it would cut the cost of using tough material and as well make it more convenient to users.


I always have this connector problem. Maybe, I didn’t take care of it properly, but sometimes there will be a rushing condition and I believe you have it too. So, this is just an idea of what I think is the same everyone else had. What do you think?

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