Moshi Car Vent Mount – Simple Car Vent Mount for Your Smartphone

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Moshi Car Vent Mount Review – The phone mounts that I’ve installed in my car have been the ones with suction technology where you are required to affix the phone holder on either a flat surface on your dashboard (which is pretty much a rare occurrence) or on your windshield.

Whilst doing it this way has quite a number of advantages (such as a better alignment to your line of sight), there are some annoyance factors that I just could not get past, such as having your phone under direct exposure of the sun, obstructing your otherwise clearer view of the road, and most annoyingly, when you need to charge your phone, the need to run a cable from the car charger port all the way up to where you fix the mount.

Oh, and don’t forget that sometimes the suction can loosen up and the mount drops unexpectedly (together with your phone, of course) — and all of these are potentially dangerous conditions that can distract your driving.

So when I saw Moshi Car Vent Mount, I was very excited to try it out!

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At first, the design is oh-so-simple and with a neutral matte black colour it pretty much matches most of the dashboards out there, or at least it doesn’t look out of place.

Using it is also very easy: just push the mount gently into one of the air conditioner’s grills and you’re done. To put your phone on it, just pull the arm of the mount that extends, place your phone on the mount, and release the arm.

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The arm can also be rotated, so it really doesn’t matter at what angle your grill is at, as you can always adjust the mount accordingly. The mount is compatible with smartphones up to 6 inches wide, which is a very generous inclusion.

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Having it affixed on the air conditioner’s grill means that it is a lot closer to the car charger port and thus less tangling cables for when you also need to charge your phone. Also, your phone can also benefit of the cool air coming out of the air conditioner, which is a lot better than having it hot from the sunshine.

During my usage, I find it very easy to put on and take on my phone. Small thing, though, is that the phone’s weight might sway down the air conditioner grill to a slightly titled angle from how you want it to be, but even that, you can always re-adjust.

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When taking your phone off the mount, you can do it single-handedly, but with this method sometimes the mount might prefer to go with your phone rather than stay on the grill.

Overall, I really like this type of mount, and the high quality design only makes me even happier to use it in my car.


Check out Moshi Car Vent Mount if you are looking for a good mount for your new, shiny iPhone 7 Plus or any other smartphone!


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