How to prevent falling to fake reviews trap?

Well, I experience that. And you know, it hurts. Have you ever buy any mobile phone accessories from online stores, thinking it is the best choice based on the fake reviews but in turn to be the worst device you ever get? So, I’ll try to find solution to prevent anyone else from falling in the same hole. If you have any other solution to help others, feel free to drop comments. Before we go to the solution, let us understand why some of these reviews are fake.

Why fake reviews exist?

Buying power of todays community is based on the reviews. Realize it or not, we always go online to search for some reviews about the product that we want to buy before decide to close the deal.

So, online marketers and manufacturers take this chance to increase their sales potential by faking the reviews. How? By giving a free product in return a positive review. Then comes you who innocently digest the positive review.

I am happy when I found that there is a software to detect the fake reviews. However, it only work the best for a large number of reviews. Based on a study by Bing Liu, he found out 30% of online reviews are fake. And for some reviews, it is repeated. In other words, spam.

So how I prevent falling to fake reviews trap?

I don’t have a definite method. This is only my rough estimation when buying a good product. First and foremost, there are no perfect product. So, what I am finding is the one that suits my taste and obviously to function well.

My method is differentiating the product reviews with the small-small online e-commerce. Why? Because, they don’t really compete for buyers. So, I try to find a local e-commerce and differentiate it with the large one like Amazon which is my favorite online platform.

At least, when I bought my smartphone battery which is highly rank in Amazon, I found its rating lower in the local platform.

If you find this helpful, share it. Say you have other method, please share it for us to benefit.

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