AirVolt wireless charging device let you charge your phone while moving freely up to 12 meters range

Doing work, going online or playing games is all possible with it.People just love being with their smartphone. However, low battery problem will crush this moment. Actually, it is not because of that problem, it is because we don’t want to be tied to the power outlet while doing our work. What if our phone stay charging while we continue doing our work in our own comfort space? Yes, we surely want it and it is now possible with AirVolt wireless charging device.

AirVolt Wireless Charging device let you charge your phone while moving freely

AirVolt works with the combination of two components. The adapter which is connected to the socket to transmit radio waves and the antenna which attached to your phone that receive the waves signal and change it to electric charge. To use AirVolt is easy as you does not need any apps. Simply connect it to any power socket, and you are ready to go.

This charger works within the range of 9 meters. I’m pretty sure it will cover most of the standard living room or bedroom size. When you are out and couldn’t find any outlet, don’t worry, AirVolt has back you up by providing a 2900mAh power bank to be used. At least, it charge 60% to most of the mobile phone today.

Last Words

The only downside for this device is it works slower than your wired charging method. Otherwise, it is a great charging device for those who doesn’t like wired charging method. Airvolt wireless charging device is available for both iPhone and Android smartphone. Now on Indiegogo, as low as $55 you can get this awesome device.

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