Private your phone in public places with Peek Screen privacy iPhone tempered glass

Once, the iPhone is just for a small use in our life. But now, almost all of our daily activity depend on it. And for some people like the businessman, office worker, students and even housewife, the iPhone is a great help to pay bills or viewing documents. We might not realize whether our information is private. When we are doing a payment transaction in public places, how sure are we about the privacy? This is why Peek Screen privacy iPhone tempered glass is designed.

Peek Screen privacy iPhone tempered glass – You won’t notice it but others will

Just as Peek Screen’s tagline – You won’t notice it but others will, we can see how keen are they to give you what you deserves. This tempered glass is made from polarized film layers which are the main material for going private. One of the problems of the normal privacy screen is the clarity. When used, it will only give you a 75% clarity. Whereas, Peek Screen take a huge leap providing 87% clarity, much clear than the normal product.

Peek Screen privacy iPhone tempered glass - Cell Cave

Not only helping iPhone users to go private, Peek Screen also protect your screen. It is made of 9H tempered glass which prevents itself from scratches and cracking. Say you accidentally drop your phone, worry not, this tempered glass is shatter proof.

Final Twist

Peek Screen privacy iPhone tempered glass will let you invest as low as $30 which is cheaper than the other privacy tempered glass now. And surprisingly, it gives a lot more benefits for you. For now, you can get it as low as $10 for super early bird backing at Kickstarter.

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