Featured App: Buynotify can be downloaded in the App Store for free

The app sends a push notification to your iOS device when a new product is announced, or available in the store.Buynotify is an iOS app that provides an overview of the newest Apple products and their life-cycle, based on average data of past releases.

Buynotify features 4 device category tabs, iDevices (iPhones, iPods, iPads), Portables (MacBooks, MacBook Airs), Desktops (Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini), and Others (Airport, Display, Time Capsule).Each product is shown with release information as well as a ‘colored dot indicator,within a category. A green indicator means ‘don’t hesitate to buy’, a orange informs you that the ‘product reached half it’s lifespan’, and red warns you that ‘updates could be imminent.’



  • Free app
  • Visually appealing guide
  • Well sourced and researched reference


  • Bare minimum of information shown, no descriptions or details
  • Some users reporting ‘a few broken links’

Last Words….

Buynotify is a free app with a well designed user interface. The app will be a useful download for some, as it may keep you from buying a product just before a new model is released. Other Apple-loving users may view Buynotify as a fun resource to have on their devices home screen.

Buynotify can be downloaded in the App Store for free.

Post Author: Tech Review