Prong battery case that helps iPhone user to stay charged when forgetting to bring the charging chords

So far, I forgot to bring my charging chords a few time. What do I feel?So much sadness in one day. Terrible. Same as other aggressive mobile phone user, you don’t want to have this problem. A case that helps you to suck up every bit of electricity directly from the power socket.Then, Prong battery case comes.

With Prong battery case, even you forgot to bring USB cable, charging is still okay

Prong comes with a battery pack and a socket connector. When the emergency situation happens, you are welcome to pluck in the iPhone equipped with Prong, smile cause your phone will juice up. (Just make sure you ask for permission before using someone’s power outlet;)

Moreover, this case is not only limited when power outlet in sight. It has a battery case which will also provide you an extra charge. Monitor the charging level with the LED light provided. However, if you still need USB, worry not, cause this case still provides a charging port for you.


With this new features of a smartphone case, charging your iPhone is not a problem anymore. As long as the power source is there, there is no obstruction to keep your digital life ongoing.

Post Author: Tech Review