Tile that can help you to never lose anything again

Do you possessed by a nasty habit of losing everything ever? Most likely not alone. Especially, when you are in a rush. You will be pleased to know that there is a mobile phone accessories for that. Yes it is. The Tile. It would be very easy if there is a detection device paired with your mobile phone.

How does Tile work?


This high-tech matchbook sized square can be stuck to your belongings or any stuff with a key ring. When in use, you must have the companion app installed. Tile app is ready for Android and iOs platform. When you are in need of its service, it will work as a buzzer.

Just like you would call a misplace phone, it is exactly how Tile works. If it is within the 100-foot Bluetooth range, it will play a loud track until you will find it.

When your things be out of the 100-foot range a truly astounding feature called Community Find has your back. You can expand your search by marking it as lost items. When any Tile’s user is in the detection range, you will notice it. But is it safe? Yes, this feature is 100% private. Should you use this feature, only you will know it.

Final Twerks

This device is compatible for iPhone user with iOs 8.2 above and Android 4.4 above. Finding your things will be really easy with this. With $60 – $70, form Amazon, Tile helps you to never lose your lovely stuff again. Just don’t attach it to your love ones. They need their time.


Post Author: Tech Review