Boom Box Touch Speaker let you plays your favorite music by touch

With it, they will merrily shake the room with their very own impeccable music. Everyone desires to have a chunk of the portable external speaker for cell phone action. However, too frequently frustration occurs with the poor sound quality as the result of using the outdated iPod connector cable, a painful Bluetooth setup or a missing 3.5mm cable. In this case, you really need a speaker that plays well with all devices, you need the Boom Box Touch Speaker.

Boom Box Touch Speaker is an induction type portable external speaker for cell phone

Thanks to the technology implemented called Near Field Audio which pick up the sound from your device and amplify it using the internal speaker. Simply touch your smartphone on top of this frankly magical speaker, and it’s sound will instantly emerge as amplified. No docks, no tangled cables, and no poorly Bluetooth connections will stop your passion. But, if you still prefer a cable connecting way, this speaker has a 3.5mm audio jack port.

It is also a lightweight device which makes this speaker a portable accessories. It is powered with a built-in 850mAh battery and is rechargeable through the standard micro-USB cable. When charged, you could blast out your favourite music for 10 hours.


A simple induction method is always a thrill and better way to play music. This portable external speaker for cell phone is worth your money as it is compatible for all mobile phones as long as it emits sound. Also because of its portability attribute. You can find it on for $25 – $35.


Post Author: Tech Review