Pokémon Go is a “long road”, but big changes are due soon

Pokémon Go’s developer, Niantic Labs, has been making small steps over the past four months to enhance player experience. It’s been far from clear sailing, but the company is signalling big things afoot.

Eurogamer‘s Tom Phillips recently spoke with the company’s chief marketing officer Mike Quigley. The interview spans a wide array of topics, from the problems that plagued the app’s launch, to Go’s development roadmap going forward.

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Speaking on the topic of Pokémon tracking, which was removed from the game weeks after launch, Quigley acknowledged player frustration. “People may have started to give up on Nearby,but you know what – they never stopped telling us about how they wanted it and how much they missed it – and their frustration with us for blocking third-party apps. So, maybe it didn’t happen in the timeframe people wanted it but we are getting to it,” he told Phillips.


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“Right now in small ways and soon in much bigger ways – we are making progress on our product roadmap, doing things which fans want.”

Go’s popularity was far greater than anticipated, and Quigley explains how the company was treading water simply to keep the game afloat for several weeks. However, before the end of 2016, he expects that some of the much-desired “progress” players have been hankering after, will be delivered.


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“And there are things coming in the next several weeks… I think if you look back on this conversation on December 31st, or the 1st of January, what I’ve said will be validated. But even that stuff is still the tip of the iceberg – there’s a long road to go.”

The complete interview delves into the key issues facing the game over the past few months: the blocking of third-party sites, erroneous legendary Pokémon, and even the game’s longevity, which Quigley imagines may rival 13-year old MMO World of Warcraft. It’s well worth a read, even if you’ve long since abandoned your daily training.


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