You’ll get a howl out of this: Supermoon turns Buzz Aldrin into American Werewolf

This week’s supermoon has been pretty much clouded out in Seattle, but it appears to have had an effect on Apollo 11 moonwalker Buzz Aldrin.

In a Twitter update, the 86-year-old space icon mugged for the camera, werewolf-style, and said it took all his willpower to stop from howling.

Aldrin doesn’t shy away from media moments, whether it’s cutting a rug on “Dancing With the Stars” or putting in a cameo on the NBC sitcom “30 Rock.”

On a 2010 episode, Aldrin invited series star Tina Fey to join him in yelling at the moon over Manhattan. Fey obliged, but it was Aldrin who showed the moon who’s boss. “I own you! I walked on your face!” he shouted.

Now Aldrin’s prime target is Mars rather than the moon. He’s turned “Get Your Ass to Mars” into a marketing slogan, and is pushing a plan to settle humans on the Red Planet by 2040. (SpaceX’s Elon Musk wants to do it sooner.)

During a trip to Australia for National Geographic’s “Mars: The Live Experience,” Aldrin said going to Mars would be challenging. “It may hurt!” he told News Corp. “But to have a very challenging life from age 40 when you get to Mars, and returning at 60, may be worth it, having sacrificed for your country, or for humanity.”

In order to see astronauts walk on Mars in the year 2033, as depicted in National Geographic’s “Mars” miniseries, Aldrin would have to live to the age of 103. But I wouldn’t put it past him.

By the way, even though this week’s supermoon moment has passed, it’s still worth gazing at the moon. And feel free to howl.


Post Author: Tech Review