SafeHouse is great for home networks to have your passcode disabled

SafeHouse is great for home networks or any other place you consider ‘safe’ to have your passcode disabled.SafeHouse (free) is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to automatically disable your iDevice’s passcode by designating a Wi-Fi network as a ‘safe network’ within the tweak settings.

SafeHouse allows you to configure one safe network for your device, while SafeHouse Pro ($1.99) features the ability to designate up to five different safe networks and safe Bluetooth devices.

To setup and configure the tweak, navigate to the SafeHouse tweak settings panel and toggle the ‘Enabled’ killswitch on. Next, type in the network name(s) of the desired safe networks/Bluetooth devices. Press the home button to save any changes.


Post Author: Tech Review