Horizon: Zero Dawn’s open world looks robotibeaut

Horizon: Zero Dawn is looking healthier than ever. So many things about its proposition say ‘yes’ to us: the great outdoors = , robo-fauna = , flamehaired FEMALE survivalist = .

In the latest video from Guerrilla Games, the team explains how they’ve gone about creating an open world:

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The Killzone series, Guerilla’s previous labour of love, was a linear experience, so the team has been forced to adopt a completely new approach to level design. If these shots are anything to go by, then the transition suits them. The world’s many ‘ecotops’ contain the rolling hills, desert, luscious valleys, and even snowy peaks. It all looks rather stunning.

Though what really catches the eye is the game’s mechanical menagerie. The striding lope of that disc-headed dinosaur is adorable (yes, robots are adorable, there is no arguing against this) and hopefully that’s just the beginning of what Guerilla has in store for Zero Dawn .

Horizon: Zero Dawn will be galloping toward customers on robotic legs on February 28 next year as long as they own a PS4. There are currently no plans to bring the game to PC, which is a cracking shame, as it would look utterly splendiferous on a Geforce GTX 1080. Oh well, we can only cross our mice and hope for the best.

If you happen to be an owner of a PlayStation Phwoar Pro – aka PS4 Pro – then you’re in luck; Horizon: Zero Dawn is will launch with Pro support and it looks amazing.


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