Updated: Dishonored 2 has performance issues on PC

Update: Bethesda has responded to PC players experiencing performance issues with Dishonored 2 by updating the game’s launch FAQ.

“We are aware that some of you may be encountering issues with Dishonored 2 on PC,” says the update. “Please take a moment to review our recommendations to help better your experience.”

The suggestions include the following: avoid using Alt-Tab; close background applications; lower the resolution; keep V-Sync activated; adjust Adaptive Resolution; use the auto presets; deactivate TXAA Anti-Aliasing; lower texture details.

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The post doesn’t indicate whether PC players can expect a patch in the near future.

Original Story: Dishonored 2 became available to those who pre-ordered today, and before the game has gone on general sale it’s already run into a spot of bother on Steam.

PC players of the game are complaining of poor optimisation for the platform with the usual symptoms: FPS drops, graphical errors (blurry textures, poor AA), odd mouse sensitivity, and a general sense that even high-end PCs are struggling to cope.

The reviews are generally very kind about the game itself, which most players seem to be enjoying. They are significantly less kind about the state of the PC port.

Steam user Kase (as above) wrote the following: “As a huge fan of the original Dishonored it saddens me that I have to leave a negative review. Think of this as more of a cursory warning. The game has performance issues, major performance issues that can’t be looked past, i’ll update this space if the devs release a fix. So till then avoid it so that your first impression of this otherwise great game wont be soured.”

Co-Creative Director of at Arkane, Harvey Smith, has tweeted that that the studio is currently investigating issues for PC players.

Meanwhile, Dishonored 2 is lingering on a 61% positive review score, which is ranked as ‘Mixed’.

Our own review will be arriving over the course of the next few days.


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