Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro patch detailed

Final Fantasy XV will be receiving a PS4 Pro update patch in December that takes advantage of the console’s upgraded hardware.

The PS4 Pro launched today, offering players twice the processing thwack of the standard PlayStation 4. We already knew that Final Fantasy XV would make use of that power, and now the game’s director Hajime Tabata has revealed how work on the support patch is proceeding.

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Right now the company is tweaking the game to raise frame rates when played on the Pro at 1080p resolutions, giving players around 60fps. The second option, 4K resolution, will run at 30fps.

The long-awaited Final Fantasy XV was delayed earlier this year by two months, pushing its September release date back to November. The game has been in development, in some form or another, for almost a decade, which caused the delay to sting harder than most for fans.

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The game will now be delivered on November 29, just in time to fill stockings before Christmas. We previewed FFXV earlier this year and felt positive about what we saw, but did have concerns about some of the game’s peripheral mechanics like magic.

Ten years of work come to fruition at the end of the month. We’ll see then whether Hajime Tabata and his team have delivered a title worthy of its heavy mantle.


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