You Can Find Out The Email You Sent Was Read With A HTML

A recent study indicates that over 180 billion emails are sent and received per day. Email continues to act as a major component in electronic communication. Many e-mail senders often want to know if their message was read by the recipient. Scarily, this is possible and the process is fairly straight forward and can be done with a HTML or Rich Text Format mail client.

TailMail is a free and stupidly easy service that basically generates a hidden image to be pasted to the bottom of your HTML or Rich Text Formatted email. You can then get information on the status of your email and who has seen the image.

Using TailMail

  1. Visit the TailMail Free Access webpage
  2. Click on the “Get A Tracker With Automatically Assigned ID” button
  3. Take note of that unique ID code
  4. Copy (Control+C) the tracker image in between the pair of ** characters
  5. Paste the hidden image to the end of the email
  6. Send the email
  7. Monitor the ID code by pasting it into the “Get Report On This Tracker ID” field

The tracker works as receivers open your e-mail in HTML or Rich Text mode (with image display allowed). So, the tracker can be used on any web display such as a blog, banner, Facebook, eBay, Craiglist, etc.

Other Avaliable Services

Streak (free)

Streak was mainly designed for businesses to aid in customer relations. But anyone can use it as it’s free to install and will put the recipient on a map with the approximate location where the recipient has opened the email.

Bananatag (paid or free)

Track who opens and clicks links in your emails sent from Gmail or Google Apps or Microsoft Outlook. Very similar to Streak, also includes email tracking for teams and team metrics.

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