Family bites in new Dishonored 2 trailer

Dishonored 2 hits the shelves in just two days time, and up until now, Arkane’s slow, episodic unveiling of the game’s plot has navigated around the game’s crux. The launch trailer, which is the most exciting yet, is far clearer on the matter: this quest is about family.

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Delilah, it seems, is the purported sister of Jessamine Kaldwin, the former empress of the Empire and therefore potentially the not-so-maternal aunt of poor Emily. This is the villain’s justification for seizing the throne for herself, and deposing her niece.

No wonder the poor girl sounds so damned angry.

There’s currently no reason to believe that her claims are true. It’s very possible that they are a confection designed to cement her legitimacy. If that’s the case, then disproving her familial ties could be what Emily, or Corvo, seek achieve in Karnaca. This is, however, all supposition.

A confrontation between Corvo, Emily, and Delilah in the throne room ends with the Royal Protector petrified. Presumably during the actual game players will be offered a choice by the Outisder of which royal darling to save: Corvo, or Emily. This will then dictate the playable character for the rest of the game.

All will become clear in our review of Dishonored 2, which thanks to Bethesda’s wonderfully helpful review policy (which prevents early copies of games being distributed), will probably not make it into your seeing orbs on the day of release.


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