PSN friends and notifications come to web browsers

PSN users rejoice! The PlayStation service website has been upgraded to allow users more detailed access to their account.

A new toolbar now appears in the top-right hand portion of the site once users have logged in. This new area give access to notifications, messages, friends, as well as the user’s account overview and settings.

Below is a glimpse at the Notifications tab.

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Through these various tabs players will be able to access many of the functions available on PlayStation consoles. It’s possible to manage friends adding, blocking, reporting or removing; send messages with emoji and attachments; as well as see which of your contacts is online.

It’s not yet possible to navigate to a friend’s profile page from this area in order to view their trophies and so forth. Presumably this will be added later.

Alternatively, players can also use the PlayStation App to access much of this functionality including the Store, where games can be purchased, and the host of social functions.

You can download the PlayStation App for Android here, or for iOS here.

The changes are all live right now and can be accessed at


Post Author: Tech Review