Enormous Miitomo update lets you have 100 sidekicks

Miitomo was Nintendo’s first experiment in producing content for mobile apps, and though it sometimes felt a bit content light, the app itself was actually quite good.

Eight months later and Miitomo is about to get a major update which adds a slew of features. Top of the list is private messaging, which allows users of the app to send messages to their friends. These are delivered by the user’s main Mii or a Sidekick Mii (more on this in a moment).

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Next up is aesthetics. Players can now decorate their rooms with custom wallpapers and flooring. Many of the designs are taken from other Nintendo franchises like Mario or Zelda. Additional aesthetic tweaks include the addition of posters, and the ability to mount pictures from your smartphone camera on the walls.

Complete and utter posers may enjoy Style Central. Players can submit three outfits a day to share with others. If other users think they are particularly fetching, they can try on your clothes and keep their own version of the outfit should they wish. Sharing outfits also nets players Nintendo Points.

Players will also have a lot more Miis to dress with the additional Sidekick Miis. These are secondary player-created Miis that have their own room, and can also be sent out into public. Players can keep up to 100 Sidekick Miis.

Finally comes Answer Central, where players can respond to the list of comments and questions anyone can browse or respond to. According to Nitnendo this “opens up the social interactions to a much wider base”.

And that’s a wrap. Phew, we’re quite exhausted by that experience. Miitomo is free to download on Android or iPhone right away, and with the additional feature bulk, there’s more content in there than ever. Just be sure that you’re a big fan of avatars first because, if not, you’re probably scuppered.


Post Author: Tech Review