Pokémon Go giving bonuses to celebrate Daily Bonuses

To celebrate the release of the Daily Bonus update, which is currently rolling out worldwide, Pokémon Go, is dolling out…. yet more bonuses.

From now until November 11, players will find more Pokémon roaming the world and will receive a greater number of items when spinning Pokéstops. “Yes — this means more Great Balls, and for Trainers that are level 20 and above — more Ultra Balls,” wrote Niantic on its blog.

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The daily reward system in Pokémon Go rewards players with extra XP and Stardust for catching Pokémon and passing Pokéstops once every calendar day. Players can earn further rewards for continuous streaks of activity.

Whilst Niantic is continuing to add features to the game, its latest set of announcements have seemed geared toward bringing players back into the game. The game’s Halloween event made certain Pokémon much more common, and now the Daily Bonus system aims to help more casual players progress at a reasonable rate.

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In spite of the fact that Go has lost millions of players since its release in July, its player base is still large and its revenue not suffering a great deal. According to Apptopia, when the game lost nearly 20 million users, its revenue only dropped around 2% in that time. It is suspected that hardcore players making many many purchases, and not, more casual players, are where bulk of the app’s money still comes from.

What’s next for Pokémon Go? Hints point toward the introduction of another 100 Pokémon, and hopefully the new tracking system will be be distributed at some point soon.

Until then, players will have to make do with the other assorted features Niantic has added to the game over the past couple of months.


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