New Dishonored 2 trailer signals Corvo is the daddy

The latest trailer for Dishonored 2 says very little we didn’t already know. Emily’s mother was killed by assassins. Corvo went on a quest to right the murder and avenge the Empress. Little Em is now taking after the royal protector with some supernatural skills of her own.

Check it out.

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Maybe this deliberate vagueness is for the best. Finding out exactly what drags Emily and Corvo to Karnaca, or what Delilah is planning, would probably ruin the surprise. Arkane Studios are quite deft at spinning a yarn, so perhaps we should be left in the dark until release day: November 11.

There is, however, one interesting development in the trailer: it seems to explicitly refer to Corvo as Emily’s father. “Her father touched the void too, and paid a heavy price,” says the Outsider whilst hanging over a shot of Corvo.

Journals and other hints in the original game point toward an affair between and Corvo and the Empress, and it’s a relationship about which the community has speculated since the first game was released. Suspicions were only confirmed earlier this year by a feature in Game Informer which explicitly stated Emily’s parentage.

Not every Dishonored player is likely to stumble across a character bio on a single website, so it looks like Arkane has decided to make the relationship clearer. We wonder how this will impact Emily and Corvo in the new game. Maybe Emily doesn’t know and will find out?

All will become clearer when Dishonored 2 to shanks its way to living rooms next Friday.


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