The Watch Dogs 2 season pass looks fun, and pricey

The question of how much to charge for DLC is still something the games industry is wrangling over. How much are we willing to pay? It depends, but Watch Dogs 2 is joining a line of season pass content which asks players to dig deep.

The Watch Dogs 2 season pass is priced at £29.99, and for the privilege players receive 3 X 1-hour story DLC packs, some cosmetic items, weapons, vehicles, and a new co-op difficulty level. Let’s be clear, on Steam, a pre-order of WD2 costs £39.99, so the DLC equates to roughly 75% of the game’s initial asking price.

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The three story-driven DLC packs included in the pass ask players to delve into the secrets of a biometric car company, combat the Russian mafia, and prevent nasty corporate types from experimenting on the homeless, of which you can see a taster below.

The rest of the contents – the T-Bone Bundle, Psychedelic Pack, and Root Access Bundle – include a mixture of cosmetics, in-game items, and a new mode.

Watch Dogs 2 isn’t alone in the world of high-priced premium DLC. The Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare season pass is asking for £39.99 (in GAME) for four new maps and extra game modes throughout 2017. The standalone game itself only costs £5 more.

It’s worth remembering that season passes are effectively pre-orders – players pay ahead of time for content that hasn’t yet been reviewed or released, and quite possibly not developed.

All indicators point toward Watch Dogs 2 being a great improvement on the original, let’s hope that the game’s DLC is cut from the same cloth.


Post Author: Tech Review