Campgrounds, Zelda, and more in Animal Crossing update

The Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo Direct broadcast has been and gone in the traditionally quirky fashion we’ve come to expect.

First thing’s first: you’re not going to have to wait to experience the update as it’s already live. Just slap open your 3DS, pop on New Leaf, and get downloading.

  • There’s a brand new campground area on offer with unique interactions.
  • It’s now possible to use amiibo to invite extra characters to your town and campground. Characters will trundle along in their RVs (campground only) and players can trade or even invite them to stay on permanently.

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  • It’s also possible to use Amiibo to from Splatoon and Zelda (including the limited edition Zelda figurines arriving in December) to receive crossover characters from those franchises like Wolf Link. These characters can only come and stay in the campground.

  • 50 new Animal Crossing amiibo cards will go on sale on December 2, alongside the new Zelda amiibo.
  • The existing set of 400 amiibo cards can be used with the game. Tap them to the 3DS and they’ll come to visit, or stay in the town,
  • Starting a town over is no longer a case of starting from scratch. It’s possible to sell the old town’s assets for Bells to start a new one. The amount given depends on how highly it’s evaluated.

  • Chat can now be turned off in Club Tortimer to escape trolls or just enjoy delightful silence.
  • Furniture can now be organised on the touch screen and players have access to a Secret Storeroom which is an “invisible closet you can access from anywhere.”
  • Animal Crossing amiibo figures will feature items in their RVs which, when purchased, grants access to minigames like Animal Crossing Puzzle League.

And that’s a wrap. You can watch the complete Nintendo Direct stream below.


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