Bizzard finally reveals the latest hero for Overwatch: the hacker Sombra

After what feels like being drip-fed ridiculously well-hidden clues for like forever (seriously, Kotaku has a good run down of everything fans went through), Blizzard has finally, Finally, FINALLY unveiled Sombra – the newest hero in Overwatch.

“Stealth and debilitating attacks make Sombra a powerful infiltrator,” the official website reads. “Her hacking can disrupt her enemies, ensuring they’re easier to take out, while her EMP provides the upper hand against multiple foes at once.

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“Sombra’s ability to Translocate and camouflage herself makes her a hard target to pin down.”

She sounds badass, basically.

Blizzard also revealed an animated short called ‘Infiltration’, which you can watch right here:

This short makes us want to do two things – firstly, we want to play as Sombra right this very instant, and secondly, we want to go up to someone and boop them on the nose. Really badly.

If you are lucky enough to be at BlizzCon this weekend (if so, why are you reading this?) then you will be able to play as Sombra before anyone else.

PC players will get a chance to play as her next week in the public testing region. As for the rest of us… who knows?

If you’ve not had a chance to check out Blizzard’s insanely popular (critically and commercially) game yet, then you can read our review to find out exactly what it’s all about.

And if you decide to make the leap to buy the game, we’ve got you covered with helpful tips and tricks.

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