Journey developer teases “game about giving”

Californian developer thatgamecompany has teased the subject of its latest project on Twitter with the hashtag #thatnextgame.

The creators of Journey and Flower published a trio of cryptic tweets which indicate that their next title will be “a game about giving”.

thatgamecompany is an industry oddity which produces games that are light on mechanics and focused on creating emotional and atmospheric experiences for the player. The design philosophy has sometimes proven divisive, but Journey released on PS3 to critical acclaim back in 2012.

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See what you make of the tweet for the new title..

This is vaguely reminiscent of Peter Pan, but other than that, we’re stumped.

the visual direction of thatgamecompany has always been on point. We expect that will continue.

thatgamecompany has indicated that its next title will be released at some point in 2017. Back in 2013, the studio told Polygon that it wanted to develop its next title for multiple platforms.

Two years ago thatgamecompany raised $7m from a Chinese equity firm to develop a game which was “in the same spirit as Flow, Flower, and Journey.” A post from two years ago describes the game as “centered around human connections for players of all ages and backgrounds.” This is in keeping with the studio’s current library, but it’ll be exciting to see where thatgamecompany takes its experience next.

via Polygon


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