The Banner Saga 2 Game Guide

This guide to The Banner Saga 2 is a walkthrough for the second installment of the franchise. It includes information that will prove useful both for the veterans of the original game and players that have just started their adventure with the game, or want to brush up on its mechanics. It includes information concerning combat, character development and caravan management, which form the basic mechanics of the game. Also, it includes a list of the available characters and artifacts, thanks to which you will not miss anything along your way. The walkthrough also lists events that you can run into, along with descriptions of the available dialogue options and effects they take on the events. This basic mechanic has been expanded over from the first installment, which translates into the increased number of random situations. This has been rounded up with a chapter listing available achievements and the ways to obtain them.

The Banner Saga 2 is a direct continuation of the original game – it starts where the first game has ended. It allows you to import your saved games from the first game, thanks to which it forms an uniform story. The game mechanics gave not changed: it is a simple tactical RPG game. Here, you explore the mythological Scandinavia, where you face your enemies in turn-based battles, take manage your caravan and take decisions that affect the game ending.

This guide for The Banner Saga 2 includes:

  • Game walkthrough and descriptions of situations in which you take decisions;
  • Hints on battles that you fight within the main storyline;
  • Description of mechanics that govern turn based-combat;
  • Hints on appropriate caravan management;
  • Suggestions on character development;
  • List of available achievements.

Jacek “Ramzes” Winkler, Patrick “YxU” Homa

About The Banner Saga 2 Game Guide

Author : Jacek “Ramzes” Winkler & Patrick “YxU” Homa for

last update : May 05, 2016

Guide contains :
43 pages, 119 images, 5 maps and annotated illustrations.

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The Banner Saga 2 Video Game

The Banner Saga 2

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Stoic
  • publisher: Versus Evil
  • platform: PC

The Banner Saga 2 is a turn-based RPG inspired by the Norse mythology and a direct sequel to The Banner Saga. Once again, we are taken to a fantastic realm inspired by the Scandinavian myths, where we are given command of a caravan of men and giants trying to survive the end of the world.

The heart of the gameplay are turn-based battles carried out on maps covered with square grid. The combat system is based on simple principles, but it also hides a lot of depth. Mastering the basic rules takes only a while, but the more we play, the more connections and relationships we discover. In addition to fighting battles, players often have to make hard decisions that have a significant impact on the development of the story. The Banner Saga 2 features a beautiful two-dimensional graphic design. T

  • Stoic – Developer Website.
  • Versus Evil – Publisher Website.

The Banner Saga 2 PC version System Requirements

Recommended: Dual Core, 4 GB RAM, 6 GB HDD, Windows 7(SP1)

Minimum: Dual Core, 2 GB RAM, 4 GB HDD, Windows XP(SP3)

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The Banner Saga 2 will be out on PC next month

The Banner Saga 2 will be out on PC on April 19, 2016. You can now pre-order the game on Steam at a 10% discount.

This guide has been drawn up for the high difficulty level. It should be noted here that the game allows you to change difficulty level at any point. Therefore, you can decide to do this, for example, whenever a battle proves to be too demanding.

Color coding

This walkthrough has been color coded in the following manner:

  • Blue has been used for playable characters and all friendly NPCs.
  • Brown has been used for enemies that you encounter, both ones that you fight in battlefields and ones that appear either in conversations or cutscenes.
  • Green has been used for items that you either find or receive.
  • Orange has been used for moments at which you receive renown points.

Additionally, bold font has been used for names of towns that you visit, buildings and other important elements of the game.

1 � Your current party

2 � List of available heroes that you can assign to your party

3 � Hero level

4 � Ring icon that lets you know if a character has the assigned item.

5 � Button for viewing all of the available items

The screenshot presents the character selection main window that pops up before a battle. Number one informs you of which characters have been assigned to the main party whose job it is to face the enemies. The character that you place in the first position will make a move as the first. Of course, you can modify that in any way you want. Number two is a list of all the heroes available to you that you can assign to the main party. Icon three indicates the level of a given character. If there is a plus sign appearing next to it, this means that you can level this character up. Icons 4 and 5 inform you of the items that you have. If there is a icon of a gold ring appearing next to the portrait, this means that this character is in the possession of that item. You can modify items at any moment and you can also give them to other characters. Also, an important matter, when it comes to items, is the required character level. This means that a character with level 5 will be unable to use a item that requires level 6, or higher.

1 � Game’s main options menu

2 � Horn used to add willpower points to the characters from the team. Clicking on active yellow star is equal to using the horn.

3 � Icon symbolizing the current morale.

4 � Statistics button (they will be displayed above the team members and above enemies).

5 � Blue field – a character can reach it without having to spend willpower.
Yellow field – a character can reach it only be spending willpower point(s).

6 � An example of statistics being displayed above the team member: red color represents strength, blue represents armor and yellow represents willpower.

7 � Statistics for the active unit.

8 � A list which represents the turn order for the units on the battlefield. Clicking on unit icons allows to see their skills.

The screenshot presents an example battle in progress. Icon number 2 informs you of supplies that you can assign to a given character in the form of will power. If you notice that the horn has filled up, use it to prevent wasting resources. It is a good idea to enable the option to display statistics of all the characters in the battlefield (icon number 4), thanks to which you will not have to remember opponent has the lowest. Icon 5 concerns character movement. Remember to plan on every move you make and keep in mind that the yellow field will be accumulating a specific amount of willpower. Icon 8 provides you with strategic information. If, for example, you are fighting against a very strong opponent, and his turn is near, you can use the Bard’s insult skill to knock back the opponent to the end of the queue.

1 � Current number of renown points.

2 � Character name, experience level and specialization.

3 � Current state of the character’s skills. Clicking on the lightning button displays more information.

4 � Current state of the character’s armor.

5 � Current state of the character’s strength.

6 � Current state of the character’s willpower.

7 � Current state of the character’s exertion.

8 � Current state of the character’s armor break.

9 � Number of available development points.

10 � Number of killed enemies. If the left value is higher than the right one then you can advance the character to the next level.

11 � Current weapon. To add weapon use plus icon.

An example character management window. This is here that you distribute points and level up your characters. Leveling up is tightly connected with the number of enemies killed by that particular character (number 10) and the number of Renown points (number 1). Leveling up allows you to use new skills and statistics. You can use the latter in any way you want. At the moment, at which you reach points limit, you receive an upgrade. Each one of the statistics has a separate upgrade to it. You can then put more points into that upgrade. Also, it is here that you can view the item owned currently by the character and modify it in any way.

1 � Current number of renown points.

2 � Options button.

3 � Current number of people in the caravan and their morale.

4 � Button used to set up a camp.

5 � World map

6 � Number of supplies (the value shows the number of days until they’re all gone).

7 � Number of days since the game has started.

You will be seeing the caravan window for a great part of the game. This is here that you will be taking various decisions that will then affect your adventures. There are several interesting options in the caravan window and you need to remember about them at all times. The most important one, of course, is the current state of your supplies (number 6). To learn more about supplies, see the chapter devoted to this topic. At any moment, you can pitch a camp (number 4) and rest, which directly translates into the improved mood/morale of the entire caravan (number 3).


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