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The Virginia game guide features a large set of clues and tips, which will allow you to complete the game in 100% and unlock all of the Steam achievements. The main part of the guide provides a detailed description of the playthrough, where you will find precise information about all 42 chapters together with illustrations. Additionally, the text includes a complete list of system requirements, controls and Steam achievements.

Virginia is a production in which we step into the shoes of an FBI agent. The action of the title takes place in the titular town, where we are tasked with finding a missing boy. The entire game is engulfed in an atmosphere of unrest, anxiety and mystery, especially because the plot is presented through image; there are no dialogues.

The Virginia game guide features:

  • The complete description of the playthrough with screenshots;
  • General tips and hints;
  • The description of Steam achievements, together with the ways of completing them;
  • The list of controls and system requirements;

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Virginia Video Game


  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Variable State
  • publisher: 505 Games
  • platform: PC, PS4, XONE

Virginia is an adventure game developed by an independent studio Variable State. We assume the role of a female FBI agent, having only recently started service. Joined by a partner, we visit a drowsy city, to investigate a case of a young boy’s disappearance. The titular state of Virginia has been presented in a fictional version, full of subtle supernatural occurrences, and light science-fiction threads. The developers do not try to hide their inspiration: TV shows from the 90’s, including Twin Peaks.

Virginia is a narrative-driven adventure, so it mainly focuses on telling a story, rather than solving riddles. We observe in the events from the position of the female protagonist, but the whole process plays out in a rather unusual way. Variable State’s developers went for a more cinematic way of conducting narration, placing a special emphasis on montage, which results in many cinematic shots. The other solution rarely observed in this genre is lack of dialogue.

  • Variable State – Developer Website.
  • 505 Games – Publisher Website.
  • Virginia – Official Website.

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