Phantaruk Game Guide

The following unofficial walkthrough of Phantaruk contains a number of essential tips and hints that will help you complete the game. The most important part was devoted to a detailed description of how to complete single player campaign, including methods to avoid danger. The description will focus on the locations with most important items and gear that will reveal the entire storyline. Apart from that, many tips concerning game mechanics will be provided.

An important part of the guide is the chapter called “general tips”, which will be especially useful to players, who are beginners when it comes to survival horrors. Illustrations provided in the guide will make it easier to navigate between locations and will present important elements of the gameplay.

Phantaruk game guide includes:

  • a detailed walkthrough and location of elements of the inventory;
  • the “general tips” chapter, which consists of essential tips and hints;
  • a detailed description of game mechanics;
  • information concerning controls and system requirements;

Color marking:

  • Blue color was used to mark items that can be picked up or interactive items;
  • Green color was used to mark codes and elements of the environment that can be used to reach further locations;
  • Red color was used to mark enemies and object that can kill you;
  • Bold was used to mark locations and important commands;
  • Sequences where Phantaruk can kill you have been marked as [Danger] [The end].

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Translator : Karol “kdrozynski” Drozynski & Michal “Czarny Wilk” Grygorcewicz

last update : August 30, 2016

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Phantaruk Video Game


  • genre: Adventure

  • developer: Polyslash
  • publisher: Polyslash
  • platform: PC

Phantaruk is a sci-fi survival horror adventure FPP game. The game takes place in the distant future, when the idea of transhumanism is about to become reality, as humanity is striving to create a person with no biological drawbacks. The leader in these studies is H+ Corporation, and the setting of Phantaruk is the spaceship Purity-02, which also serves as a research station. However, things get complicated when the vessel turns out to be an almost completely abandoned death trap, haunted by a beast — the eponymous Pantharuk, who kills everything in its sight. To make the situation even more difficult, the player character harbors a parasite, which poisons them with every passing moment.

In terms of mechanics, Phantaruk is an adventure FPP game, focused mostly on exploration, during which you constantly feel you’re in danger. You go through the numerous corridors and rooms of the ship, and complete simple logic puzzles that allow you to reach new locations — all the while you’re being followed by the beast, whom you should avoid at all costs, since every encounter with Phantaruk means death.

The game uses the popular cross-platform engine Unity 5, which results in decent visuals while maintaining quite low system requirements. Particularly notable is the game’s dark atmosphere, underscored by the well-made soundtrack.

  • Polyslash – Developer and Publisher Website.
  • Phantaruk – Official Website.

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Alien: Isolation-like sci-fi survival horror called Phantaruk officially announced

Phantaruk is a newly announced survival horror game that bears some resemblance of Alien: Isolation. The project is being developed by Polish game industry veterans.

Phantaruk is a survival game that focuses on exploring the surrounding area and reaching further locations, by using items that you come across. You will constantly feel that you are in grave danger. Many parts of the game are characterized by high risk of dying, and thus make you load your last checkpoint.

  • General information
  • Interface
  • Plot
  • Danger

General information

It is not possible to engage in close combat with your enemy, so you will have to prevent danger by escaping or fooling your opponents. One should keep in mind that it all depends on the level, because if you are in a dark room, it is highly possible that you will survive the encounter with the Phantaruk.

Your inventory will consist of items divided into ten groups, and each slot can store 10 pieces of one item. Thus, if you pick up ten portions of antidote, you won’t be able to pick up another syringe. The best option in such a situation, would be to use one portion of antidote and pick up the syringe. If possible, try to collect all the items that you come across. The game has was designed in such a way that it is often hard to predict which items can be useful in specific situations. It will be easier to collect items, as they illuminate blue, which makes them visible from a distance.

Apart from usable items, you will have a flashlight, which will be very important when you end up in a dark corridor. Use it wisely, especially in the later parts of the game, and remember to switch it off when in well-lit rooms. You will often find additional batteries, but even that might not be enough if you use it too much.


You can aim by moving the little white dot. Although, there is no real fighting in the game, it is still useful for collecting objects and using panels. In certain moments when greater precision is required, you can help yourself with mouse cursor. It will make it easier to select specific digits and open doors, or pick the right commands on a computer screen.

The device on your arm will let you check your pulse and toxicity of your body - Game mechanics - The basics - Phantaruk Game Guide

The device on your arm will let you check your pulse and toxicity of your body. Use it to predict when another dose of antidote needs to be taken.

While using the flashlight, you will be notified about the current level of batteries. If the indicator reaches the point where it’s marked red, you should think about replacing them in the nearby future.


You will learn about the storyline in two ways:

Diary entries - devices similar to tablets - Game mechanics - The basics - Phantaruk Game Guide

Diary entries – devices similar to tablets. Once picked up, you will automatically read them, but you can always get back to them, as they are saved in a separate part if the inventory. Apart from personal data, they can provide you with code access or tips on how to run certain devices.

Log - At the beginning of the game, you will come across a small cube that can be used as a Dictaphone - Game mechanics - The basics - Phantaruk Game Guide

Log – At the beginning of the game, you will come across a small cube that can be used as a Dictaphone. This device used to belong to the captain. Once tracking the signal, you can play it, listen to captain’s thoughts and conversations. When doing that, you will move slower and won’t be able to interact with the surrounding world. However, you can stop and listen to the log without fear of dying- the game was designed in such a way that you will be safe to do that.


Although, we will face with many dangers throughout the gameplay, the game provides us with solutions how to deal with them. From time to time, we will we will come across a stage where everything depends on our knowledge of the enemy. The following part of this section will provide you with useful tips on how to deal with hazards.


The enemy mentioned in the very title of the game. As you reveal the storyline, you will learn that it is some sort of a god. However, the very creature looks like a mutated humanoid. It’s rather loud, so you shouldn’t have problems with determining its location. It has a very good sight and if you are even partially in its field of vision, it will notice you right away. On the other hand, its hearing is not that good, so unless you overuse sprint, avoiding the creature shouldn’t be a problem.

If the creature notices you, you won’t survive. Not only is it very quick, but the aura around it affects the hero by slowing him down, and playing with his vision. It’s best to hide and wait till the creature goes away.


One might consider them neutral enemies that move between rooms without any purpose. Even though, they will not react directly to your presence, they are extremely dangerous. If you come too close, they will attack you and won’t allow to escape. There are two types of clones:

Passive – they stand in one place and constantly stare in one direction. They may look around from time to time, but they won’t pay attention to your actions. However, if you come too close, they may actually attack you. They are often located in places that you need to pass, so keep safe distance, or look for a different path if possible

Active – these clones will constantly patrol the surrounding area. They should follow their path, but occasionally, they may enter rooms where you wouldn’t expect to see them. Pay even more attention to the distance when approaching them. Active clones will move very slowly, but they may charge, which can give you false sense that they want to attack you. If they reach you with their charge attack, you will die. Keep that in mind, especially that the length and direction of charge is rather random.


From the very beginning you will struggle against toxin that will slowly kill you from the inside. Depending on the level of contamination, you may see green artefacts, which will indicate that the virus is taking control over you. It’s always good to have antidote around you, as without it, you won’t be able to continue. At a certain point of contamination, you won’t be able to control your hero and the screen will go blurry. Antidote has been scattered all around the area, so make sure to collect every syringe that you come across. You will notice the first effect when you reach 80% of contamination, and as the game progresses, it will only get harder.

One should keep in mind that the progress of contamination will be affected by game mechanics, so contamination will develop faster in certain locations.


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