Romoss power station makes sure you don’t need to worry about running out of battery

Do you ever wish that there is a power bank ready to be used at McDonald? If there is, probably they have to add another more chairs and tables to hold the customer that doesn’t want to leave. In conjunction to that, Romoss has launched their power station project on Kickstarter and this might be the reason for you to stay longer at fast food restaurant.But, yeah, if fast food restaurant provides both insanely fast wi-fi plus power bank, surely that will benefit them more.

Romoss charger station features

Romoss power station consists of 10 000 mAh power bank with two 5v 2.4A output that is ready to be used. Depends on which package you buy, it can charge 4 or 8 power banks at the same time. All of these power banks are made from Li-Polymer battery. It has an On button and charging monitor light.

It has an On button and charging monitor light.You only have to press the on button and this station is ready to do its job. When you feel to use one, just pick up one of the power banks without the need to off its power button. Same as placing it back at the end of the day, simply by Just putting it back, and it will automatically charge up. An intelligent circuit is also built in the Romoss power station primarily to protect it from overcharge.

Closing Upromoss power stationIf you have a tech-based family, you might want to get one of this. One for each family member, with and affordable price and come with changeable android iPhone charger cable, how about that? Romoss is now pledging for $30 000 funds on Kickstarter.

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