Be aware of cheap USB-C cables that will destroy your device

USB Type-C has flooded the market by a lot of different manufacturers. As a user that demand a high-speed charging, we simply pick up this new cheap standard of USB. But do we aware of the effect?

Benson Leung, an engineer working on Pixel team for Google has been testing the USB-C connector on one end and a USB-A connector that are available on Amazon. He found out that some of the wires are not soldered properly. Why is this so important?

USB-C connectors are able to draw more power from a source. That means the cable have to be made in a specific way. If not, there is a power imbalance that can end up frying your device motherboard. This is what happen to Leung’s laptop that opened his eyes to test all the USB Type-C cable.

Thanks to him. We can now be safe.

Post Author: Tech Review