You will know if the USB is certified or not

From previous case, we heard about USB Type-C which is sold at a low price that will burn your phone. We surely dont want to be sucked up by this USB company. They come up with an advanced technology which has the ability to detect whether a USB cable that is plugged into a device has been certified.This accesory has been closely monitored by a group of people from USB implementers forum for this purpose.

They develop a cryptographic-based authentication protocol. With this software, your phone is able to detect the bad cable. For example, a phone can warn you if you use a substandard cable before it helps to juice up your phone.

This non-profit and non government organization has develop this protocol by following the Amazon’s low quality ban type-C cable. Thanks to them, now, we can lowered the possibility of burned chipset cause by charging cables.

Post Author: Tech Review