Why you need a tempered glass instead of a screen protector

Why do you need to know this?

With the presence of screen protector, which is much cheaper than tempered glass, it somehow stops a lot of users to buy this thing. Because getting one might be an investment.And today we would like to let you know why you need a tempered glass instead of a screen protector.

Most of our phone were made from a tech called gorilla glass. Ever heard? This makes screen protector not important like there was once used to. In other words, if you still invest money for a screen protector, it is useless. Why? Because it may not protect your screen fully. It only acts as the scratch resistant to the sand in your pocket. Other than that, all depends on what type of screen your phone was made of.

If you want to buy a protection, go with the tempered glass. It is the most reliable protector for your screen. The downside is it will increase your phone’s thickness for maybe 0.4 – 0.5 mm. But, it acts totally as a protection. If you suddenly drop it, the glass made protection is the one that receives the shock. Makes it the first one that will break.

Besides, it also has the feature of anti-fingerprint, private screen and still feels like a screen without affecting the smoothness of your screen function. With this, once more, if you want a protection to go for tempered glass. Save your money, save your phone.

Post Author: Tech Review