Command-C perfectly harmonizes copy & paste between iOS and Mac

The revolutionary app allow you to seamlessly transfer copied text and images from any iOS device to your Mac or vise versa without having to move between apps.Command-C ($3.99) perfectly harmonizes copy & paste between iOS and Mac.

Command-C will help you increase work speed and productivity, while keeping your clipboard data securely encrypted using AES256 directly between your devices using local WiFi network.

Along with other more technical features, Command-C allows the use of URL Schemes or Bookmarklets so you can quickly share clipboards from other apps too. Additionally, you can also create your own workflow using x-callback-url and browser snippets.

*Command-C for iOS requires iOS 7 or later. Command-C for OS X requires Mountain Lion or later. It also requires a local WiFI network to securely transfer clipboard data between devices and an internet connection to share clipboards in background.*


  • Great concept functionality
  • Well designed UI
  • Perfect Pastebot replacement
  • Works with text and images


  • Users have experienced some minor bugs
  • Single platform (Windows not supported)
  • Higher $3.99 price point

Last Words….

It has been awhile since an app with this capability has been released. Command-C contributes to a modern, well designed, and extremely functional concept. If harmonizing your mobile device and personal computer is ideal for you, Command-C will be $4 well spent.

Command-C can be purchased in the App Store for $3.99.

The Command-C companion app can be downloaded in the Mac App Store for free.

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