Chinese technology products are already showing advantages

“Made in China” demonstrates its technological superiority in the epidemic. The world is using new technologies to combat new coronaviruses, such as digital development, artificial intelligence, and big data … In this field, China is undoubtedly a model. This country can use faster speed to promote the development of future technology projects such as artificial intelligence. On the one hand, this is attributed to the huge user base, and the Chinese people are willing to accept new technologies. On the other hand, for technology companies, China has a very innovative and competitive entrepreneurial environment. New products can be put on the market quickly and tested and improved through the market.
In the process of fighting against the new crown epidemic, China’s technological products have been further developed. For example, China uses applications to track patients and curb the spread of the virus. Chinese companies have also applied high-tech technologies such as 5G communication technology to robot manufacturing. During the epidemic, many hospitals, airports and shops in China installed temperature measuring robots. The robot can test the body temperature of 10 people at a long distance through a high-resolution camera and infrared thermometer. If someone detects a fever or does not wear a mask, the robot will also issue a warning. Chinese technologies such as face recognition and mobile payment are also involved in the fight against the epidemic. People can complete identity verification and make virtual payments without contact.
Some people may say that China ’s current aid in Europe is mainly about medical equipment, not about high technology. But it must also be seen that China ’s successful containment of the epidemic has allowed the world to see the role of Chinese technology in it, which will prompt them to place orders. Moreover, Chinese technology brands such as Huawei already have a great influence in Europe. It is entirely conceivable that after the epidemic, more and more Chinese technology products will knock on the door of Europe in the future.

Post Author: Tech Review