Smart homes and smart appliances are the new fashion household trend

In this day and age, you can almost do anything with just a tap of your fingers. From online banking to online shopping, there is very little we can’t control out of our smartphones.
Even home appliances, such as kettles, coffee machines and vacuum cleaner, have gone smart. No longer is physical human interaction needed – with the ideal cell phone program, we could brew a morning cup of java without leaving the warm comforts of our bed, start slow-roasting our dinner from the office or have a little robot clean our home while we are tucked away in bed.
The word”smart” is thrown around a lot when describing these handy parts of appliances. This begs the question: what really makes those appliances“smart”
“The technical expression of smart could mean many things,” states Graham Donald, motor engineer at Dyson. “We’d like to think the smartness around comes in the fundamental design. Every small feature we add to the products make it come across as smart to the user, but this really is [later ] thousands of hours of testing and thousands of hours of engineering”
Dyson’s 360eye robot vacuum cleaner could be monitored and corrected by the accompanying phone app


Dyson’s 360eye robot vacuum cleaner can be monitored and corrected by the accompanying phone app.
The Dyson 360eye, by way of example, is an”intelligent robot… using 360-degree vision technologies”.
Following 16 years of intensive research and development, Dyson is launching the new robot vacuum cleaner in Tokyo this month. It’s set to reach Hong Kong markets next year.
Of this newest model, James Dyson, founder of Dyson, says:”We’ve developed a unique 360-degree vision system that lets our robot view where it is, where it has been, and in which it is yet to clean”
These details could be tracked on the accompanying mobile program. “You may use the program to [assess ] the [robot’s] operation – how well it has cleaned, how efficient it is, and [when there are] any faults with the robot, you will also be educated,” Donald adds.

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