Disable Menu Bar Google Chrome Notifications In OS X


UPDATE: After an update, there is a new item in the “Chrome” menu from the Mac menu bar, “Hide Notifications Icon”.  Note: You may have to restart Chrome to see this menu item.

The update enraged many users who complain the OS already has a central system for managing notifications that they would expect Chrome to take advantage of.Recently, Google Chrome added a notification feature that sticks an alert icon in the menu bar in OS X.  Users also have no interest in seeing spammy extension alerts or having a useless notification bell clutter up their menu bars.


The simple answer to this problem would just be to disable the feature…If it weren’t for the fact that Google seemed to have buried the option in the Experiments/Flags page. The menu bar icon cannot be reordered using “cmd+” in addition to the inability to work with Bartender.app.

The only way to “hide” is to disable it outright via chrome://flags. Search for “Enable rich notifications

Enable rich templated notifications – Both HTML5 notifications and app notifications will be shown through new Notification Center

Google has recently introduced an additional dynamic to their Chrome alert center by integrating Google Now (a feature that was previously used solely on mobile devices) within the desktop browser. This allows users to see certain “Now cards” within their browser if signed in, including weather, sports scores, commute traffic, and event reminder cards. Learn how to disable Google Now notifications in Chrome

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