Headphone made to suit for your eardrum automatically

We are living in the world where music plays a part of this life. Because of that, audio presentation undergoes lots of change making music so pleasantly heard by us. But, do we know that the music that we listen is not the best quality that our ear can interpret? This happens because every person has their own natural way of listening, meaning the eardrum adapt sound differently from each person. This is what Nura is trying to solve.

Presenting Nura headphone

nura headphone

Nura headphone aims to solve this difference of eardrum adaptation. This soundwave is used by Nura’s technology to determine the best quality sound for you.This headphone operates by their soundwave technology. When you hear a song, your eardrum will send a signal to the brain and at the same time, it will also emit soundwave outwards.  Besides, this headphone also use a different speaker for different frequencies of sound. Pretty confusing? Let’s understand it this way. The bass will not interfere the high tones.

Another Nura’s feature

Other features of this headphone are noise-cancellation. This is one of the important features of headphone. To give the best sound experience. Nura headphone connect digitally through a wire to your smartphone. Just plug it in and Nura is ready to serve. Once you use it, your sound profile will be stored for the next use.

Closing Up

This is surely a game-changing audio experience. Nura is aiming to bring this headphone to the market on April 2017. They are now collecting funds on Kickstarter.

Post Author: Tech Review