Microsoft is now in the way of developing the smart stylus pen

Are you a stylus user? Write and design in a digital way. Because of you, stylus world has grown. Steve Jobs was once hated stylus pen as he believes that everything can be done with the fingertip. But once stylus reaches the market, even Apple tries to dominate it.Just imagine how stylus pen grows rapidly. Even they fill up their stores with different kinds of styluses.

Recently, Microsoft research team has done a test in the way of developing new generation styluses. They aim to make a pen that correlates with users mind when used. In other words, the stylus pen is not just pen, it is a smart pen.

“ make a pen that correlate with users mind when in used”

What is this smart stylus pen about?

This stylus pen reads users mind through how they grip it. Around the pen is multi-touch grip sensor that detects the gripping pressure. They believe, with this, the stylus will be more precise not in just how the user is touching it but knowing the real intention when used. For example, if you hold it like how normally you hold a pen, it knows that you want to write or draw but if you hold it a little bit lighter like holding a brush, it knows that you want to paint.

This smart feature can be achieved by following the human nature when gripping a pen based on how human think. This is where a study has to carry out to find how human control object they hold. As for now they manage to get 30 plus way on how human hold an object. Ken Hickey from Microsoft Research said, “At the end of the day, we might only need to have styluses that can understand three or four grips”. 

Closing Up

This whole idea is to give a more natural and also intuitive pen computing experience. With this development, it just proves to us that the whole world of stylus is just emerging.

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Post Author: Tech Review