What if you can hear music not using your ear?

How audio device today has changed

If we see the trend of today’s headphone, we see the feature of noise cancelling and other sound quality techs. This just proved how fast it evolved to give the best experience for music maniac out there. 

The fact that the music we hear is so much changed from how it was recorded also explains that we can develop a technology that enables us to hear music not with our ear. I don’t know a verb that can explain this because listening and hearing is always referring to ear.

“…we can develop a technology that enables us to hear music not with our ear”

It is called Bone Conduction. This technology enables users to listen to a music while their ear is still aware of the environment. Just imagine there are songs playing in your head and you can still talk and hear normally.

How does Bone Conduction work?

Looking at a startup from Kickstarter called Studio Banana Things with their product Batband may explain how it works.

This Batband looks like headphones without the speaker. It is used on the bones above the ear. Inside this band is a transducer that will give out sound waves frequency, conducted by skull bones and understandable by the ear.

Closing Up

However, it is not a stable tech yet as it makes users feel uncomfortable. As we would predict, technology will improve, so as this game-changing audio tech. Let’s just wait for it.

Here are the video by Studio Banana Things

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