Smallest, thinnest but powerful lenses for mobile phones

Each day, thousands of picture are taken every second. Many types of picture were uploaded for our view. Even a close up picture will get lots of viewers. Some of us like a close up picture and maybe also intrested to a microscopic picture. It is so amazing how this smartphone camera were used with its lenses for this purpose. What if there is a lense that can deliver a microscopic view of an object. Yes there is – Blips. With its slogan “Magnify the world”, they look forward to their creation for a really close up image. Let’s see some details of this project.

“Magnify the world”


Blip lenses feature an extremely thin and Light microscopic lenses. If you get excited when using microscope during school time, this can be as micro as it is. The lenses consists of macro lense and micro lense. Its macro lense can magnify an object up to 1/20 inch while for the micro lense 1/7000 inch. That might not as power as the real microscope lense, but, what if you combined it with the smartphone original zoom power. Pretty amazing huh.

BLIPS is easy to use. Just stick the bands to get the best position of the lense. The band is also reusable and it use a non-mark adhesive.

Closing up

BLIPS come with two kits. Basic kit and lab kit. This project is still pledging for crowdfunding on kickstarter. If it success, we can use this lab developed lense for own uses and will be sell for an affordable price. Watch the promo video below.

Post Author: Tech Review