Xiaomi launched new USB type-C powerbank

With the Mi 5 launched to the market with USB Type-C connectivity, Xiaomi has launched a follow up of that with a new power bank – Mi Powerbank Pro. This powerbank has a 10 000 mAh battery capacity and also offers fast charging.

The Mi Powerbank Pro comes together with charger of 18W. Xiaomi says that with this charger, the power bank will fully charged in three and a half hours. It was build with dimension of 12.58 mm thickness and a weight of 223 g.That is so much faster than normal 10 500 mAh power bank. No only that, Mi Powerbank Pro is lighte and small too. The protection feature like nine layers of circuit also being embedded in this powerbank.

Xiaomi is selling the Mi Powerbank Pro for about $22. It has not yet exposed to public, but surely in short time period, it will be known.

Post Author: Tech Review